Working from Home Vs Working in Office : Advantages & Disadvantages

Working from home is trending after the Covid epidemic. Most of the companies prefer to work from home while the conditions are normal.

Well, I ask you, if you get an option to work from home, what will you choose?

Working from home or working in office?

Yes! The answer will be….

Some people would like to work from home and some people would like to go to the office.

Tell me in the comments box which option would you like and why?

When do you feel more productive?   : In Office OR at Home
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Would you miss the corporate environment or would you enjoy the solitude?

If you are confused which option is right for you?

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Working from Home Vs Working in Office: Advantages & Disadvantages

If you wanted to know the advantage and disadvantage of Working from home vs working in office.

So lets get discuss this topic and I want to share the pros and cons of working from home vs working in office.

Advantage of Work from Home

Time Saved = More Time

The biggest advantage of working from home is that your travel time is saved. This means some extra time gives you an opportunity to not skip the breakfast in the morning. You can spend extra time with your spouse or family, read the newspaper instead of travel or traffic. Giving the time for yourself is very difficult, but working from home, you can find extra time for yourself which will make you happy and more productive.

Working Environment

You have the ability to create and control the working environment at home. There will be no disturbance of political or negative people at home. You can choose yourself the working space or corner at home because the family and family understand your work pressure and respect your time and space. You can define your work time with no time clock. You can start and stop your day as you please.

Business very casual!

Voice and Video conferences only show you from the waist up. So you can wear a suit, shirt and shorts or pajama bottoms. Sometimes, you don’t have to video chat with anyone from your office. Your business and job becomes very casual during working at home.

Disadvantage of Work from Home

Feeling Lockdown

Most people work in solitary confinement at work from home. Because some people are craving for human interaction and sometimes video conferences and phone calls don’t satisfy the confusions and needs. They feel demotivated due to no longer support of the colleagues and supervisors.

Technical Issues

It is fantastic, If everything is going superbly and every technical issue is fine. But we feel helpless, if our internet cuts out or lose access of your company’s intranet. In this condition, you may be unable to do your  job or urgent work.


You would be agreed to this point that working from home make us indiscipline. It is very easy to switch to office work or home chores that need to be done. Actually its vary to people’s nature how he/she loves the discipline or system. It doesn’t apply to all human beings. Most of the people love their routine. They can manage the discipline. But in another case, which are lazy people, can’t make the system or discipline at home. Work from office would be better for that person.

Advantage of Work from Office

Motivation for career growth

Office work always gives you a motivational environment for your career growth. We motivated ourself by watching others work, knowledge or Promotion. Being around brilliant people might have you motivated and inspired because a competitive environment encourage you to perform better.

Immediate feedback

If you are in the office and you have any issue, doubt or any question – you can walk over to someone’s desk and ask them immediately. You can collaborate with your colleagues on a project without any video conferencing. You can find a solution by face to face meeting which have more impaccable.

Social Network

By working in the office, you will find that you are more social due to interaction with human beings. The Social network is important in our life. Having lunch with coworkers, going out for happy hours and lots of positive and rewarding activities makes you happy, healthy, and energetic. These positive activities make you more productive.

Disadvantage of Work from Office

The Commute

One big disadvantage of working in an office is the commute. Your precious time waste of hours commuting back and forth to work of everyday. You are always running for work. Your boss shouts at the office for being late, no matter what the circumstances. Have you ever had to leave work early to make it to your child’s game, dance recital or a PTA meeting in schools?

No Corner Office!

If you like the corner because of well furnished, wall of windows and sunlight from where you can see the changing weather outside which makes you happy and energetic. It is an essential part of life. But  your requirement wouldn’t meet in the office corner.

You decide…

Most of the people are happier working in an office and most of the people are happier working from home. You have to weigh your happiness and decide what option is best for you. Can you be disciplined or manage your system enough to work from home?

Will you be happy or motivated without the daily support of your co-workers and supervisor? Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Only you can decide what is the best option for you.




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