How Doing Pranayama Daily will Change Your Life.

Pranayam, also known as Alom-vilom, is a breathing practice used to reduce tension and calm the mind and body. But that’s not all; Pranayama is a Sanskrit term that combines two words: ‘prana’ and ‘ayama.’ Prana is a Sanskrit word that implies universal energy or life power. It is also thought to be the cosmic energy that binds all of the components of the cosmos together. On the other hand, ‘Ayama’ means extending, and it is a technique for leading, stimulating, and bringing rhythm to the internal force of energy. It’s also thought to be the connection between conscious and unconscious mental states. By practising pranayam every day, you can reap numerous benefits and make positive changes in your life. Please scroll down to learn more about them!

1. Enhance memory and attention

Regularly practising pranayam improves the amount of oxygen delivered to your brain and entire body. It relieves stress, relaxes the mind to work at its best, enhances focus, current and distant memory, and increases willpower. Pranayam guarantees that every cell in your body receives adequate oxygen, resulting in a deep sensation of tranquillity and renewal.

2. Helps with digestion

When you correctly execute pranayam, the entire diaphragm – lower, middle, and upper – is involved in the process since each inhale and exhale causes the diaphragm to move up and down. Other organs in the abdomen move gently and organically against each other in tandem with the diaphragm’s movement. This causes the connecting tendons and fascia to splash and swing and any food or liquid within the organs, which enhances the organ’s general health. Because we spend most of our time sitting, which prevents appropriate movement of the lower abdomen, you must sit in a perfect posture with your spine completely straight to get the most significant benefit from each pranayam.

3. Physical stamina

Pranayam assists in making your body leaner, stronger, and healthier, especially when combined with other yoga asanas. This is because it regulates the digestive system and the appetite, as we saw above. As a result, pranayam makes you feel fuller and burns many calories since it affects many of your abdominal muscles, affecting the visceral fat stored inside your organs.

4. Achieve radiant skin

Regularly practising pranayam increases the quantity of oxygen in your body, which cleanses the skin and gives it a natural shine, making it healthy, joyful, and shining.

5. Extends life expectancy

In all species, the rate of breathing is directly related to life duration. Pranayam allows you to breathe at a more regular and systematic rate, extending your lifespan. Additionally, practising pranayam daily enhances general health and combats life-threatening disorders linked to stress and pollutants.


Conscious breath management can help you raise your conscious level while focusing your attention and relaxing your body. Pranayam promotes balance on all levels, including the physical, mental, and spiritual. The selected technique will affect the body (cool down or heating, relaxing or activating). The mind will become peaceful and concentrated due to the effect, enabling thoughts to flow freely. As a result, we shall feel spiritually connected to the cosmos. Within minutes, the union of body, mind, and soul occurs.

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