U-Free Sanitary Napkins: Must Know The Benefits To Use

Periods are probably one of the most difficult and dreadful time in women’s life. This is because as women we have multiple duties in both, our professional as well as personal lives. Multi-tasking during this phase is also quite a task to achieve. That’s when you need the support of the best sanitary napkin that can protect you from stains, discomfort and of course the worst of all, skin allergies. If these are some of the common things that you are looking forward to, then all you need is U-Free sanitary napkins. Our anion technology provides you with the best possible comfort and ease, all at the same time!

UFree Napkin

Why Women Switch To U-Free Sanitary Napkins

Here are some reasons that prove why you need to make a switch to U-free sanitary napkins:

Better in Terms of Comfort

Our sanitary napkin surface uses sterilized cotton making the pads softer, thinner and more comfortable. Thus, our pads are much better in terms of comfort and you can eliminate the worry of itchiness or bad odour once you switch to our sanitary napkins.

Heavy Flow

This advantage is especially for those women who through immense or heavy flow during those days. Constant visits to the loo to change the pads every other hour quite hectic and frustrating, we understand. And for this very reason, our sanitary napkins at UFREE are designed in order to sustain even when you undergo heavy flow. You can literally stay on a single sanitary napkin with Ufree without having the need to worry about stains and odour. Also we offer you best comfort without making you feel wet down there.

Water Absorbing Capability

It’s the monsoon season and we understand why you hate to get out in this otherwise pleasantly beautiful weather. But did you know that our sanitary napkin can absorb thrice the amount of fluid old-style sanitary napkin can. This is because of our excellent Anion technology.

Better Safety Packing Than Other Brands

Our sanitary napkins packaging is made up of the material of high quality. It obeys with the cleanliness standard. Not only this, the packaging is reusable and fungus proof and can store the napkins safely at any temperature or during any season of the year. The seal is a easy pull and hence user-friendly. Our high standards production process makes it the best napkin with the finest safety packing.

Its time you make the smart switch! Use Ufree.

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