Ariel Says #ShareTheLoad Movement With Son – Superheros

#ShareTheLoad Movement

Hey Guys!!

Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad movement is come back to convert the Sunday into SON-Day. That is a good point to focus that will help moms. Ariel asks yet another relevant question: Are we teaching our sons what we are teaching our daughters?

Actually, our mind is set for Sons & Daughters’ workload. But Ariel brings inspiration for equality.

Did you think about it? If you don’t have any girl, then it means no one would share your workload. Why we teach only to daughters, not to sons. Let’s do something helpful for a mommy who cares about a whole family. Let’s Convert our Sunday into SON-Day.  That will be the right attitude in #ShareTheLoad Movement.

Convert your Sunday into SONDAY

Bhargav, my real son who always ready to help in every work. He always obeys my order. I never pressurize to him for any work but we do work or study with joy. I love him so much. God always bless my Lovely child.

Ariel Says #ShareTheLoad Movement With Son – Superheros

Our culture often taught, “men see what they want, then they go out and get it” view of manhood. But now we need to change the attitude of our culture.

Be a Gentleman, nowadays three false ideas of man are athletic ability, sexual conquest, and wealth. Instead, true manhood is defined by two principles. One is relationship i.e. to carry eyes with it love, respect, dignity and to be loved by your family. The other is to live for a purpose bigger than yourself.

Teach Your Son What You Are Teaching Your Daughters:

Power of words:-

If you say you will do something it is a must that you follow through. Never, ever be known as a liar or flake. Your reputation is special and must be kept in mind. Trust is earned, not given. Converse with your child about what has the capacity to believe somebody intends to you.

Be polite and respectful:-

Treat everybody with deference yet never let your guard down. Individuals in this world are out to eat the feeble.

Listen respectfully, disagree politely. Give Respect to everyone either women, older, younger, poor or anyone else.

Power of love:-

To love everyone without having any mean is probably one of the toughest things in this world. To love Parents, God, family, friends. others and everyone even it’s animals, birds, trees or whatever living thing. Power of love is more than muscles.

Learn to Admit:-

One of the hardest things for men is to concede when they have accomplished something incorrectly.  Tell your child that you anticipate genuineness from him consistently, notwithstanding when he has settled on awful options, at that point model that conduct.

Give 100% :-

If you are going to do something, you must do it right. Never give less than your best. Your go for flawlessness is the thing that isolates you from the creatures of society.

Power of Honesty:-

A man who is genuine with himself is genuine with others. Manhood is to show honest feelings. Little white lies to protect someone’s feelings are not necessarily innocent. The craft of discretion and great habits will serve your child superior to a little untruth.

Let Your Son Know His Other Capabilities:

Let your son know the Power of Hard work, Perseverance, Discipline, Dedication, consistency, Integrity, Physical fitness.

Ariel says, #ShareTheLoad with Son on Sunday. Convert your Sunday into SON-DAY. Teach Your Son What You Are Teaching Your Daughters: Real Sons are our Superheros.

Perseverance requires them to resist the urge to rescue their sons when they are struggling.

Teach them to maintain everything in life with discipline manner.

To work with dedication, consistency whether in study or job or anywhere else.

Keeping your body slender and mean shows pride in yourself and your capacities. Never go yourself as a sign of weakness, depression. Keep your mind and health fit.

Save money and making money on your own:-

Working for others to make them rich and you a concession is the thing that slaves do.  Making money on your own is how you do for yourself.


Let them know that Always Think Big and treat them as they are born leader. True manhood involves finding a need and doing something about it. Real men don’t complain about social problems, they go out and do something about them. Ariel is providing a solution to an equal society.

‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda‘.

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