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There’s no need of mentioning how much popularity the Indian Premier League has gained since its first season in 2008. In short, during the IPL period, everyone spends their time in watching it with utmost excitement and eagerness. The viewership of IPL is incredibly increasing day by day. Especially women across India have started watching the IPL, shunning their daily soaps on the general entertainment channels. IPL 2019 opening viewership increased by 31% to touch 219 million.

IPL Match Predictions Made Possible With Fan code – Sports

With such interest in sports these days, we are all aware of the rising of fantasy sports. It has emerged to become the most preferred way of gaining and sharing sports knowledge. Now when it comes to playing fantasy sports online, one has to be very knowledgeable while forming a fantasy team. He/She has to be updated with all the current player’s list, the recent teams, news related to the matches, etc. It might get quite challenging for you to find such information in one place. Thankfully, I have great news for you all. I found a platform where one can find all the sports knowledge they need. And that platform is none other than Fancode.

What Is Fancode?

Fancode, by Dream11, is an online website which provides up to date knowledge of the following:

  • Live scores of the ongoing matches
  • Reviews of the past matches
  • Team’s performance
  • Player’s performance
  • Match prediction
  • How to play tips and tricks
  • Strategies to apply while forming your fantasy team

You’d find the above information for sports like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Kabaddi & NBA (National Basketball Association). You can refer to Fancode while forming a team or while playing any fantasy sport.

IPL being the buzz in India, it is now also looking to broaden its fanbase. Cricket match predictions have been the most searched query this IPL season. Everyone is anxious to know about the winning team for every match held. Cricket match predictions are available on Fancode as well.

When I talk about predictions, these are the following things that fancode provides:

1. Match Details – The date, time, venue and teams which are playing against each other.

2. Predicted Lineups – Batting order or the sequence in which the batsmen might play.

3. Fantasy XI – When it comes to cricket match predictions, this feature for any fantasy cricket player is the most important. It gives you a list of predicted players to have in your team. The information provided is on the basis of the player’s recent form, ground and opposition performance.

4. Player’s Grade and Points – The players mentioned in the Fantasy XI list are predicted to have some grades. Similarly, the points of these players are mentioned on the basis of the grades.

With almost every information regarding cricket match predictions being provided by Fancode, you have an excellent amount of chance to crack the fantasy match and brag about yourself to all your friends and family, just like I did. To know more about the cricket match predictions, click here.

If you still aren’t sure about the cricket match predictions, you can always use them in free matches available on Dream11. Once you have mastered these matches, you can then participate in the cash contests and win as much as you can. 

That’s it for today. Go try your luck and get the best you can. Have fun! 


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