How To Take Care of Newborn in Winter Season

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So finally winters are here, the season of being under the blanket and sipping hot tea or coffee with our favourite book in our hand. Ahh, what a scenario. But with motherhood, this scenario is way too different.

Winters bring a lot of complications for the newborns. And as a mother, we should look forward to various things we can do to protect our children from the wrath of winter season. So I am here to overcome your worry and want to share some tips that disease can occur and how to take care of newborn in the winter season.

Winter season can cause various disease to our child and we should take various measures to avoid such disease.

Winters can cause:

1. Cough and cold to the child
2. Breathlessness
3. Pain in chest due to cough and congestion.
4. Fever and headache.
5. Running nose and watery eyes.

Must Know How To Take Care of Newborn in Winter Season

how to take care of your baby in winter season

These all systems can be very problematic for the newborn babies as they just have started adapting to the new environment and these symptoms are like hurdles for their growth and development. Parents are very curious to know tips on how to take care of newborn in the winter season.

1.Regular Checkups and Vaccination

Yes, it is important to make a record of routine checkup and vaccination. During winter, babies are more prone to getting ill and their immunity level is also not that much strong.
It will be helpful for your child as regular checkups are helpful in balancing the child immunity and healthcare. All the immunity boosters should be given to the child.

2. Massaging the Baby

Massages can be very useful for the child in the winters as well any season in the year. Massaging your child leads to the increase in the blood circulation and flow of blood and can help increase the immunity and hence making the child stronger. But choose the correct time for massaging the baby and select the good oil like almond oil, olive oil etc instead of other brands products.

3. Warm and Comforting Clothes

In winters layering your child is good but overdoing them can cause restrictions in their movements. So select clothes for your child, according to the rooms temperature, caps, gloves, and socks can be used. New mothers always worry that how to take care of newborn.
Avoid such of heavy sweater and jackets when the child is inside the room as it may cause suffocation also.

DON’T COVER YOUR CHILD WITH HEAVY BLANKETS: Yes, although covering and layering your child with warm sheets and blankets can be used as a barrier for child and chilly air but use of heavy blanket can be harmful as the child can not use their hands to remove the blankets and pulling over their face can lead to infants death from suffocation. So use a light blanket but a warm one and keep a check on your baby. And try to maintain the temperature of the room.

4. Use Room Heaters and Humidifier

Maintaining the room temperature for the newborn in winters is also an important task. A good humidifier and room heater can help in this. Room humidifier is used to maintain the humidity of the room. As in winters the air is dry and spine chilling the humidifier helps the air to get warm and humid, which can be helpful for the child in congestion and other respiratory problems.

Whereas the heater is used to make the room warmer by making the air warn inside the room, but the dry cold air is converted in dry warm air and humidifier can be helpful in making the air humid and not dry and moisture level is maintained.

5. Bathing and Hygiene

Hygiene is important for the child as well as the members of the family. Keep in mind that you are using soap or hand sanitize before coming in contact with the child. Also, the hygiene of the mother is utmost important at the child as is breastfeed by the mother and spend most of the time with mother.

For bathing the child keep in mind that the temperature of the room and bathroom is maintained. The water used should be checked as the skin of the child is sensitive and extremely hot water can harm the child. Use mild soap or body wash as harsh chemical based soap can harm the child.

  • Avoid using multiple products on the child as it may be harsh on baby skin.
  • Use a good moisturizer for the child as warm water can make the child’s skin dry and rough


Winters can be very exciting but also can be challenging for the mothers of newborn babies. So take proper care of yourself as well as the child. This blog may help to new mothers how to take care of newborn.

Pro tip:

Breastfeed your child as much as you can do as it can be helpful for building up the immunity for your child.

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