Is Your Optimistic Life Partner Impact Your Health as Your Age?

The people who are optimistic, always exhibit healthier behavior encouraging their Optimistic life partners to follow their footsteps.

  • According to research, being with an optimist, in a romantic relationship may help you avoid cognitive decline as you age.
  • A good cognitive function is because of the healthier behaviors.
  • For their spouse, an optimistic  life partner might set an excellent example to follow.
  • A great quality one must learn.

According to research, the secret of having sharp mind while growing old may lie in having an optimistic life partner.
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For the research, the team used about 4457 couples from the health and retirement study. The participated people are having ages 50 and older. At the beginning of the study, a questionnaire were provided to access for optimism to all the participants.

Cognition was assessed each year over the time period of an 8 years follow up stage with people being reviewed up to 5 times. Cognitive assessment includes short-term memory and computational memory tests. Participants were also asked to rate themselves on the quality of memory they have in their daily lives.
Once the data is collected and analyzed, the team found that optimistic couples did better cognitively. Being into married life and living happily with the spouse is also linked to better cognitive function.

What can be the take away from this study?

According to Lead author William J. Chopik, PhD, assistant professor of psychology, there are several known factors that are responsible for cognitive decline. These factors may include biological markers, genetic predisposition and the most importantly “The Lifestyle”.

Now, here lifestyle may include physical activities, healthy diet, proper weight management and being more movable over the time. Optimists tends to have a healthier relationship, a healthier behavior such as eatting better, taking proper sleep, being active, proactively engaging in preventive healthcare, etc. This can also help in declining disease associated with cognitive like Alzheimer or Dementia.
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Wherein optimism is linked to help in lowering the risk for cognitive decline. Similarly, a romantic relationship also provide the same benefits.

Can anyone learn to be optimistic?

“Of course, Yes. Chopik said that optimistic is a quality and it can be learned. He further stated that the surroundings and work area also depends to be optimistic. What challenges they are facing and what steps they are taking in their lives is also one of the reason which affects optimism.”

What other steps that we can take to keep our mind sharp?

There are several things that you can do to remain sharp:

  • Engage yourself in different activities.
  • Connect with your friends and family often.
  • Visit different places with family.
  • Work out everyday for at least 30 mins.
  • Eat healthy.


Not only this, optimistic life partner can also provide a role model of healthy behavior for their spouse. Memorable things are still remembered by each other for a long time. So Stay happy with your partner and enjoy the beautiful life till end.

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