Monsoon Foods To Avoid in Your Diet – Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

Monsoon season is here guys and hopes everyone is enjoying monsoon. Monsoon comes with the pleasant and lovely weather, cold breeze etc. For some people monsoon is fun but for some monsoon means water-logged on the roads, water-filled potholes and also getting ill. We will describe here such type of monsoon food to avoid in your diet which could create health problems.monsoon-Season

Know Monsoon Foods To Avoid in Your Diet

So I can help you with potholes but can help you to avoid disease this monsoon. You have just to follow some simple points.

Say No to Fermented Food:

fermented food

Yes guys, avoid fermented food like idli, dosa, pizza uttapam, and other similar dishes which requires fermentation. The fermented food could have numbers of bacteria that can have an impact on your health. These are monsoon food to avoid in your diet to stay healthy.

A Big NO to These Food:

raw vegetables

Yes, avoid food items like sprouts, raw vegetables, pre-cut and pre-peeled vegetables, refrigerated food and food that is stored for a longer period of time and sour food. Sour food includes chutney, pickles, tamarind etc. These are monsoon food to avoid in your diet for preventing monsoon disease.

Food Items Can Cause Swelling:


Guys food products like ragi and bajra should be avoided, they are heavy food items and shouldn’t be eaten during monsoon. Food products like rice, muskmelon, watermelon should also be avoided as these food products have high water retention properties and can cause swelling. These are also that monsoon food to avoid in your diet to keep away from infections.

Bye Bye to Dairy Products:

Milk and milk products should be avoided. They can strain your digestive system.

milk products

Now you must be thinking that milk is considered the healthiest, yes, but guys in monsoon the number of bacteria in milk and milk products like buttermilk, curd, yogurt, cottage cheese doubles up and can make you ill. Dairy products like egg and non-veg food should also be avoided.

Fast Food And Drinks:

fast foods

Avoid oily foods, fizzy drinks, and carbonated drinks, avoid roadside food items like chat, juices etc, avoid unhygienic Chinese food. So, these are also monsoon food to avoid in your diet to keep away from infections and digestive problems.


Personal hygiene should keep in mind in monsoon. This season brings lots of virus, bacterias, flues, common cold, and eyes infections. Simply water is not enough for washing. you should use an anti-bacterial solution or soap to wash out all those germs. There shouldn’t be any sign of ignored.

Be careful, be healthy, and take care!!

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