Vivek Oberoi on ‘PM Narendra Modi’ Biopic Film:

The maker of the film announced that at the time of Lok Sabha elections begins, ‘PM Narendra Modi’ Biopic film will be released. The release date of this movie has now been set for April 11.

The film is directed by Omung Kumar. The film narrates about the story of PM Narendra Modi’s journey from his humble beginnings to becoming the Prime Minister of India.

Difficulties on Release of PM Narendra Modi’ Biopic Film:

Vivek Oberoi is playing the lead role of the current Indian prime minister ‘PM Narendra Modi,’ biopic film. The prime minister says that the team of the film wanted to release this on 5th of April, but due to some obstacles, they were not able to do so.

He also said to ANI that they wanted to release the film on 5th of April but because of some people who have put them in difficulties, they were not able to do so. They all are now working hard to get the film release on the 11th of April by going to Supreme court on Monday, 8th Of April.

Vivek Oberoi said that there are very powerful people who have tried not to release the film by approaching courts through their lawyers. They can cause hurdles, but can’t stop releasing the movie. The release is temporarily postponed as of now, but, soon it will be featured in the theaters.

The release date has now been set for the 11th of April, at the time of Lok Sabha begins.

It has been confirmed by the tweeted post of producer Sandeep Singh along with the poster that “PM Narendra Modi’ biopic film is officially releasing on April 11, 2019.”

The announcement came just after a day when the filmmakers adjourned its release from 5th of April, following the court’s decision on setting the date of hearing on 8th of April, seeking the reason to block the movie’s release.

Vivek Oberoi also tweeted: “Thank you to each and every one of you for your blessings, love and support. Thank you to the Indian judiciary.

We hope you like the film and that it inspires you all! Jai Hind.”

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