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If you are a parent and struggle of making tantrum of your toddler regularly. The parents need to give an amazing presentation of the meal which could make your child drool over the food. Your struggle doesn’t end there. Soon your toddler gets to hang on solid foods, you just need some help to figure out what, when and how much to feed him/ her. Here we will discuss a healthy diet plan for your toddler.

Introduce your child every day a new single-ingredient food at a time. Wait for few days before trying something new to make sure your child isn’t allergic to it.

How Much Solid Food is Required?

Every child is different. Some child may eat more than the other. The number of meals may also differ from one child to another day to day or even meal to meal. So, you must pay attention to your child’s hunger and fullness cues to create meal plans accordingly.

Healthy Diet Plan For Your Toddler

Before I step into the recipes, I must suggest you prepare a meal chart. This will help your child develop a good eating habit. This meal chart is only a general guideline. You can prepare on your own.

Food Chart As Per Type of Food:

Meal Chart

Weekly Meal Chart For Toddler/Kids:

Diet Chart for kids


Despite the fact that your kid can eat practically all a similar food as you, recall a certain something if your little child can’t deal with a similar level of spice or salt as grown-ups. So when you cook nourishment for the family, include the last piece of salt and bean stew in the wake of expelling a bit for your little child.

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