How To Limit Your Child’s Screen Time : Think About It

It has become a challenge to keep away your child from Smart Phone, TV, Tablet etc. It becomes hard to set a limit if the parent themselves doesn’t. As per the research, children aged two to four years spent an average of 58 minutes of screen time every day on a mobile device. Here, I wanna share with you how to limit your child’s screen time.
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Know The Ways To Limit Your Child’s Screen Time

Just going to the flashback, when you were a kid, did you ever catch with your siblings fighting over the TV show? Today’s kids have endless limits when it comes to controlling a screen.

Keep away your child from smartphones

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, school-aged kids should not spend more than an hour with a screen every day. There are lots of harmful effects that can cause many serious ailments to kids from newborns up to late adolescence.

Too much screen time can have problems such as too little sleep, too much weight or may cause trouble to focus in the classroom. Let’s know how to cut down or limit your child’s screen time.

1. Don’t let your child have their own tablet or mobile phone

Interacting with your child as much as you can, can limit your child from screen-time as well as develop a strong bond. Let your child talk and discuss things with you.

2. Try to make TV and computers stay in the common space (drawing room) of your home

Keep an eye on your child on the shows or series he/ she is watching, the video game he/ she is playing etc. This usually happens when the TV or the laptop exists in a common space. You have to decide to set the limit your child’s screen time.

3. Schedule some tech-free time with your family

Try to schedule some time where you can play with your child outdoors. Plan for a family outing or some picnic. This will help your child develop physically as well as mentally.

4. Check your limit using your own device

If you bury your face on your screen all the time, then you cannot stop your child do the same. Plus, these devices steal the precious time you spend with your child. Make you understand politely and set the limit your child’s screen time or there will be a better option, if you can keep away from Smart Phone, TV, Tablet etc.

5. Make sure to explain different screen-time limit for your child

Researches proved that children eating more fast food tend to use more smartphone. Whatever age is your child, let him/ her know there is a specific time for the screen. While having a meal or before going to bed, using a smartphone is not good.  


Make a fixed resolution, that every week, you will have fun together with no device allowed. Make clear rules to avoid daily battles when it’s time to turn off the TV, computer, tablet or cell phone. This will help you get opportunities to have great conversations with your child about family values.

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