7 Quick Tips For Removing Stains From Clothes On The Go

Everyone’s experienced the annoyance of discovering a stain before. Whether it’s on your favourite shirt, skirt or even shoes – the pain is the same! Luckily, there are a number of ways to remove even the toughest of marks from your clothing.

Must Know 7 Quick Tips For Removing Stains

To learn how to remove pen stains from clothes, click here – or, read on to discover how to get out a wide variety of other pesky stains. Here are 7 tips for removing stains from clothes.

1. Getting rid of white deodorant marks

Tips for stains removing

Perhaps one of the most annoying clothing stains – particularly as you only seem to realise they’re there as you’re about to walk out the door! – white deodorant marks are thankfully very simple to remove. Simply rub the area gently against the foam that’s used on the outer side of dry cleaning hangers and it should come right off.

2. Cleaning oil stains on leather

Oil stains on a beautiful leather handbag, belt or pair of shoes can ruin the item unless it’s removed properly. To do this, pour on a layer of baby powder over the mark and leave it to get to work overnight. Come the next morning, the stain will have completely disappeared – just like magic!

3. Getting rid of chocolate stains on silk

Tips for stains removing

If you’ve managed to get a little chocolate on a silk piece of clothing, get off as much as you can by scraping gently with a blunt edge. Apply a little warm, soapy water to the area and, if the mark is still there, mix equal parts household ammonia with denatured alcohol and apply gently with a sponge before rinsing.

4. Removing make-up stains from collars

Getting make-up on shirt collars is so easy to do and a pain to walk around with all day! Luckily, you can get rid of the stains easily using only a washcloth and a good amount of shaving cream. Apply the shaving cream, let it sit for a few moments, then use the washcloth to wipe away the marks.

5. Removing make-up powder stains from your bag

stains removing from bag

If you’ve ever had a makeup powder, such as a blush or bronzer, crack, and spill in your handbag, you’ll understand the difficulty of getting all the marks out. But, it’s actually much simpler than you may expect! Simply grab a moist makeup wipe (the kind you’d use to take makeup off of your face) and wipe around the inside of your bag. Easy! Try these tips for removing stains.

6. Cleaning perfume stains on silk

cloths Stains

Silk is a very delicate fabric and one that even perfume drops can ruin. If you’ve managed to spritz a little of your favourite fragrance onto your clothing, don’t panic! All you need is a few drops of denatured alcohol. Apply them to a cheesecloth sponge and pat the mark from inside the garment, being very gentle so as not to ruin the silk.

7. Getting rid of red wine stains on clothes

If you’ve tipped a little red wine down your clothes (it happens to the best of us!), soak the stain in white wine as soon as possible. Then, pour on a generous amount of baking soda which helps to lift the mark, before washing the garment as usual. The wine stain should have disappeared completely – you wouldn’t even know it had been there!


There are a ton of ways to get rid of annoying little marks on clothing, so whether you’re wondering how to remove pen stains from clothes or how to get out red wine, there’s always a solution! The little time each method takes is definitely worth it to save your wardrobe.

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