Common Shower Habits Could Make Your Hair Fall Out

The only corner of a home that we truly consider our personal is our bathtub and bathrooms. We can assure you that some of our most profound and pertinent thoughts pop up after a warm shower. While a hot shower can do wonders to revive the spirit after a tiring day, it might not have the same effect on the hair and skin.

It is crucial to remember that a hot shower may help the skin by opening pores and eliminating dirt oil, and dead skin cells. For hair showers, a short blast of warm water may be goodbye to excessive oils and build-up on the scalp. The warm water can also increase blood flow to the skin, which can lead to a healthier glow as well as increase the flow of blood into the hair, encouraging hair growth.

But, while warm water can benefit hair and skin but excessively hot water could reverse the process as it strips the skin of its natural oils and renders hair dry and fragile.

Don’t care about the right temperature

Sure, we are prone to a bath before starting the day and after we’ve dealt with the day’s issues. But often, when we’re singing sonnets and ballads to the gods that are invisible in music, we often overlook how warm the bath is.

The appropriate method of bathing is to use a bucket & medium size mug. You can also get geysers, which allow the user to set a precise temperature and set it at 55-60 degrees or whatever temperature you’re comfortable with. You can also upgrade your device to one with an LCD display for greater control.

Shampoos that contain chemical ingredients and conditioners, or even oil, for a long time on your scalp

If you’re similar to us, and meticulously review the label and directions on the label of your shampoo bottle as well as conditioner be aware that you should put the product on your hair for about 20-30 seconds before washing it out. It is likely that, by accident, you’ll be leaving it in for a longer amount of time. This is a commonly done mistake when you are doing a lot of taking showers while you brushing your teeth at the same time. Making a small mental notepad and counting down are among the simplest tasks you can accomplish.

Application of incorrect products

The ideal hair products should not contain parabens, sulfates and alcohol. This is even more crucial in the case of an underlying skin problem or is susceptible to brittle or dandruff hair. Choose your products carefully. Make sure you choose products made with an ingredient that is naturally occurring like clay, for example. Clay is a cleanser. When it comes to conditioners, make sure to select products that are natural and will suit your hair’s requirements.

Irregular oiling & shampooing

While we all live super lives and don’t have the time to look after our hair, washing and massaging each every now and again is essential. Shampoos, conditioners, and oil massages can provide beneficial nutrients to your hair. Instead of neglecting it daily add the oil massage of your hair into your routine cleaning routine.

Body wash application or soap on your scalp

Another habit is that the majority of us use shampoo bars, or, in the more likely case the body wash we use in order to clean our hair. The skin of our body is very different from the one on our scalps, which means the product should be different. If your body wash declares it’s suitable for hair, make sure you keep it far from your hair. No matter what you use, do not ever apply a body wash to wash your hair, except if you’re trying to get rapidly bald.

Be cautious when showering in hot water.

You can ensure that your refreshing, warm shower doesn’t do the opposite of good, starts by defining what “hot” means in a manner that doesn’t put a strain on your hair’s or skin’s natural moisture reservoir reserves. Dr Sharad recommends “The optimal temperature for showers is warm, not too hot. The ideal temperature range for showers is 37degC to 40degC (98degF to 104degF). Shower duration should generally be between 5-15 minutes, because longer showers may remove moisture from your skin, making it dull and dehydrated. Pat the scalp dry instead of rubbing it vigorously with an absorbent towel to avoid the loss of moisture, and apply moisturizer on slightly damp skin to keep in the moisture and to keep your skin moisturized.

Following these rules as your bathing regime will help you to restore your hair health. However, if you have extensive hair issues, then it is time to take a doctor’s consultation. For severe hair loss, you may need a hair transplant as a permanent solution. For that, you must search for a nearby certified and authentic hair transplant clinic in India.

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