8 Natural Ways To Relieving Spine, Neck, And Shoulder Pain.

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With the advancement of modern technologies, humans are also advancing. On one hand where it has made our lives easier by connecting us with our near and dear ones, easy way of accessing things and many more ways, while on the other hand, it has also degraded our lifestyle. We spend most of our time on our computers, laptop, mobile phone and other gadgets, which in turn cause strain on our spine, neck, and shoulders.

Reason of back, shoulder, neck pain

This is one of the major problems prevalent nowadays. Many people do complain of neck pain and shoulder pain. So we can sneak out little time for ourselves and can do a bit for ourselves that can help us relieve pain.

Best Ways To Relieve Neck, Back, Shoulder Pain

Here, I’m gonna tell you about how can treat or relieve our back, neck, and shoulder pain through natural ways. When we can treat our some diseases, So why we should go to doctors?  We should just try all below methods to avoid such type of stresses.

1. Correct Sitting Posture:

After working for a prolonged period of time we feel stiffness in our body. This is because of incorrect posture. One should sit properly with an erect spine. If spine will be alright everything will be fine. Correct posture is very important.

2. Stretching and relaxing.

Try not to work continuously in front of screens. Instead of that take a break and do the little bit of stretching like raising your hands, twisting your neck, stand up and bend back and forth etc. Relaxing is also important just take deep breaths and slowly repeat the process of inhaling and exhaling.

3. Yoga for the go!

Yoga is the best way to reduce shoulder pain and back pain. Yoga Asanas like Surya Namaskar, Bhujangasana, Naukaasana etc are very much effective. It relieves stress and strain. You can do neck and shoulder exercises. It may help to relieve your pain naturally and fit for a long time.

4. Sleeping Postures 

Sleeping in a proper way is important; one should try to sleep on your back which let our spine rest completely. While sleeping uneven pillows should be avoided. Sleeping on one side continuously can also cause strain. Sleeping is also an important part of life and the way you sleep makes a lot of changes.

The best way to sleep is to sleep in Shavasana style that keeps your spine straight. Sleeping without pillows keeps your neck in a neutral position that makes breathing easy.

5. Herbal Therapies

Herbal and natural ways can be used to relieve pain and strain. Some naturals ways are hydrotherapy, Epsom salt bath, ice pack etc which are helpful for the pain. A person should go through herbal treatments than to take those chemicals. Herbal therapies give you a good change but don’t give you health issues in long run.

6. Keep moving :

By this point, I mean that you should not sit for work or anything for a long time. Move your body in between to make yourself attentive and active. People work mostly on computers continuously. It’s the main cause of spine, back, shoulders pain. So you should relax and move for a while after 2 hours. It must to keep fit and relax your body.

7. Avoid pain killer:

Consumption of a lot of medicines especially pain killers can cause harm to your body. They make you an addict of pain killers. They make you feel unconscious and may also cause constipation. So you should avoid pain killers for removing your back, neck and shoulder pain.

8. Use Trolley Bags For Luggage:

We should avoid carrying heavy baggage on our back. Even weight should be there on the shoulders. And last but not the least keep you hydrated. You can carry Travel & Trolley bag instead of on your back. It may also help you to lesser back or sholuder pain.



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    1. Same here!! I had faced this problem 6 months ago. After that, I do Surya Namaskar exercise regularly. It really work. Surya Namaskar is really wonderful exercise for neck and spine pain. I am telling you on my personal experience.
      Have a look on Surya Namaskar through this link: https://goo.gl/cz6CBR

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