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Writing is very hard. No matter how good you think you are as a writer, you will always need editing. The key to good writing is good editing. To edit your work, you’re gonna need some content writing tips.

Ways To Edit Your Own Writing – Content Writing

Let’s upgrade our content writing skills in this pandemic. Here are some easy tips how to do content writing.

Understand that the First Thing You


Content writing is basically thinking. You’ll never know what you want to say until you say it. Once you’ve pen down your draft, you can check it and make sure it is in a tidy way, makes sense and match which what you actually want to Say. The more time you’ll put on editing, more are the changes for you to create a masterpiece. The worst mistake you can commit as a writer is to think that you did a good work in you first attempt.

Watch common errors

Stop using jargon and business speak. If you’re smart, there’s no need to show off. You should never use a long work when short one will do, like the use of words like “utilize”, “endeavor” or “communicate” instead of “use”, “try”, and “chat”.

common error

Cliches are very common. Cliches are stale phrases that have lost their impact and novelty through overuse. Don’t use metaphors or simile or any other figure of speech. Oh! And yes, memes are cliches.

You should never write in passive voice. Prose written in passive form tends to have an passivity to it. That’s why you soul always write in active voice. Content writing is not easy because a writer who has the skills to think out of box.

Give your work some space

Don’t just write and edit on the spot. You should always have fresh eyes to start this extremely important task. Half an hour or two days is enough of a break. Ten minutes is also a good amount of break in case of emails or hurry. It should be a quality of a content writer.


Rambling is also very common. Like if you don’t know what exactly you want to say and in that though, you wrote four lines and put them all in the paragraph. This will only make things worse. Try to write and explain in a single short line.

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