Bottles & Barrels Restaurant – Gurgaon’s Latest Food Destination

Last month, I visited a Bottles & Barrels restaurant located in Sector-30; Gurgaon. The name of Bottles & Barrels instantly gives you a feeling of being a drunkard. Isn’t?? But Bottles & Barrels not offer a completely drinking area but also provides food for vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Hey, Friends! If you are a non-alcoholic and only vegans person like me but want to go with your boozing friends then Bottles & Barrels is the perfect destination. Bottles & Barrels is not only a great place for alcohol lovers but also a hidden place for foodies.

Let’s Take A Round Of Food Journey At The Outlet:

Bottles & Barrels offers amazing varieties of alcohol and food. The best part is that both vegans and non-vegans are available at this outlet. But non-vegans dishes are more than vegans. Here, cocktails and mocktails are available in different and stylish varieties. I really impress all over the area and quick services.

Another dish that deserves to try for a vegan is definitely veg-sakh, paneer tikka, strawberry shake, chocolate shakes that tempting into the mouth. Now, you will not think that Bottles & Barrels only a hub for cocktails lover.

Spicy Paneer Tikka:

Veg Sakh:

Strawberry Shake: 

Chocolate Shake:

For non-vegans, all appetizers are awesome to feeling a great experience. I am only vegetarian, But my friend told me about the delicious taste of non-veg dishes.

Awesome Place of Terrace:


Really had a great experience with the Food, Mocktails, Terrace, Game Place, and DJ floor also. With an excellent setup that welcomes both clubbing and family occasions, Bottles & Barrels is a great place that should be on your checklist in Gurgaon.

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