How to Style a Basic Kurta into a Classic One This Summer Season

Since it’s that period of the year, and if you have several or more celebrations to attend and need to appear your finest, you have landed on the right page, my friend!

You’ll need to update your wardrobe with some new holiday outfits for such occasions. And we are here to help you.

All you require is a little sparkle and some festive colours to look amazing. However, combining a kurta with salwar might get tedious after a while.

Let’s give it a new spin! If you’re not sure how to dress kurtas for women in a fashionable way, here are a few suggestions!

Kurtas have earned a unique position in female wardrobes; they’ve been a wardrobe staple for stylish ladies all over the world.

Kurtas for women have been allowed to acquire a large portion of the market of India. They’re adored for their laid-back personality.

How to Style a Kurta in Summer Season

Since its ease and rising demand from manufacturers, a high proportion of ladies are opting for such an Indian attire. Hence, kurtas, both informal and fancy, are very popular nowadays.

1. With the draped pants

Short ruffled gathered kurtas are coupled with draped slacks in this creative design.

It is the emerging new style of pairing short kurtas with long kurtas for women.

Choose this azure outfit and make your appearance the talk of the party. Pair these trousers with riched kurtas or tank tops to create a fashionable look.

2. A gilet is worn over a kurta

Currently, stacking is a modern masterpiece. Earn top marks by doing it correctly.

Pick an excellent long flared patterned kurta and a contrasting gilet to complete the look. In this method, you may wear it as a costume or pair it with leggings if desired.

Don’t miss out on this synchronized look from head to toe.

3. Carry as a dress

Imagine if you’ll have to wear a kurta having anything or other in different ways!

Browse out the variety of short and long kurtas featuring stylish waistbands that may be styled as a costume or paired with contrasting pants for a classic style.

You’ll undoubtedly release a remark if you try on this peachy patterned garment!

4. Wear with a skirt

Combining kurtas for women along with such a skirt is a great combination.

Pick a well-patterned kurta for a faultless matched appearance and pair that along with a corresponding full skirt.

Wear circle sandals and jiggly parts to complete your ensemble.

5. Basic kurta with skinny jeans and heavy accessories

Thin jeans may be worn as a bottom with something like a small tunic, lower extremity kurta, or acetabular kurta, almost like a kurta pyjama.

Shorter or capped sleeves kurtas for women look better on trousers than sleeved or three-quarter sleeves kurtas.

Wearing an embellished or patterned kurta with patterned pants is a no-no; either the foundation or the upper should be ordinary.

If you prefer a buckle bottom, pair these with either a short or mid-length kurta.

It’s a silky, woollen, or linen scarf, stole, or shawl suitable for women’s casual dress. You should select a shawl that complements the salwar kameez for a flawlessly coordinated appearance.

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