Glutathione: Need To Stay Healthy & Prevent Disease.

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Do you know what Glutathione is? Why we need it? I am sure you are aware of the importance of Glutathione. So, let me explain the importance of Glutathione to stay healthy our body.

What is Glutathione:

Glutathione, found naturally in your body that produced by the liver, glutathione is made up of three amino acids: L-cysteine, glycine, and L-glutamate which need to stay healthy & fit. It helps to prevent disease too.

Know the Importance of Glutathione:

It acts an essential antioxidant and plays a role in several chemical reactions in our body. It also helps in detoxifying the harmful chemicals created by the body; naturally, pollution or via drugs. With age, the level of glutathione decreases possibly because your body cannot create much. Perhaps, it is recommended to take orally.

Regular consumption of glutathione helps in lightening the skin, acting as anti-aging and skin lightening properties. It also boost our immune system, enhance our stamina and helps in detoxification processes.

Uses of GLUTONE Tablet:

This Clickonecare tablets helps you to stay active and healthy. The right quantity and standard quality assures your skin feel soft and lightened. Glutone products contains GRAS approved “SETRIA Glutathione”, which is one of the world’s best proven Glutathione for various healthiness.


Glutone 1000, Glutathione, N-Acetylcysteine & Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets contains world’s best Glutathione, “SETRIA Glutathione”.

BENEFITS: It contains anti-aging and skin lightening properties, making you look fair and young.



  • Acts as an antioxidants
  • Lightens the skin both the exposed as well as the covered area
  • Uplift and reduce wrinkles

Vitamin C:

  • Improve in absorption of Glutathione
  • Make the immune system functional & collagen synthesis in Skin
  • Act as an essential water soluble Vitamin
  • Helps increasing in intracellular stores of Glutathione
  • Works in synergy with Glutathione


  • Improves body’s Glutathione Level
  • Precursor of Glutathione
  • It acts as an antioxidant
  • Helps to reduce free radicals


  • Anti ageing
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Skin glow and radiance
  • Wrinkle free skin


  • Faster results
  • High user compliance
  • Tasty fizzy health drink

Supplement ESCOR Z:

Clickonecare also comes as “Escor Z”. Escor Z is supplemented with Phyllanthus embelica extract, which is considered as a rich source of Vitamin C. It not only lightens the skin, also helps in fighting free radicals and boost collagen. With its effervescent format, can be served as your daily health drink.

Your skin tends to fight with numerous free radicals produced as a result of different biological reactions and critically because of the external factors such as UV radiations, pollutions and other harmful chemicals. These free radical overload (FRO) interrupts in the metabolism of the cells as well as degrades collagen. Hence, over production of melanin occurs.

It is now essential to balance his RFO to ensure the health of the skin and also to prevent the loss of collagen.

Phyllanthus embelica is extracted in Escor-Z is considered as a rich source of vitamin C. It not only helps fight free radicals, but also boosts collagen and lightens the skin. With its effervescent format, can be served as your daily health drink.


  • Reduces melanin pigmentation
  • Promotes in skin lightening
  • Increases in production and transfer of anti ageing protein
  • Exerts photoprotective effects by neutralising free radicals


  • Skin lightening effect
  • Anti-aging
  • Post procedures


  • Faster action
  • Lemon & Lime Flavor
  • No after taste
  • Convenient and trendy


You can consume it like any drink. First of all add 1 tablet of glutone 1000 and 1 tablet of Escor Z in a glass of water and wait till it gets completely dissolved.

            Daily consumption in empty stomach is recommended.

How Glutone 1000 works?

Points To Remember:

  1. These are not medicines or any health supplements. Hence, are safe to consume with no side effects.
  2. Glutone 1000 contains world’s best Glutathione, “SETRIA Glutathione”
  3. Enriched with Phyllanthus embelica(Gooseberry/amla) extract, Escor Z are considered as a rich source of vitamin C.
  4. Although you will get vitamin C as an ingredient in Glutone 1000 but it won’t be sufficient for effective results, hence for best result,  EscorZ provides that extra push for glutathione to work as it makes it easily absorbable in the body.
  5. The best health supplement for Vitamin C in the market is Escor Z because of its effervescent form it gets absorb in the body easily and works along with glutathione tablets to give effective results.
  6. Both Glutathione & Vitamin C tablets are in effervescent form hence can easily be absorbed in the water to form a perfect drink.
  7. If you want effective and actual results, then you have to take them for minimum of 4 months. With optimum use and proper diet, the results will be visible after 30+ days.
  8. As these products are having more positive reviews from the users, it is said to be the best skin whitening combo out there in the market.
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