How To Tackle The Office Politics With Positive Manner

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Today, I want to share my personal experience that how to tackle the office politics. It became a very serious problem when it comes in front of us. We feel disappointed in every situation. Here, you will find many people in the offices which play only politics. Such politico wouldn’t be happy to see you, talk to you but they will talk or show off you lot of love. But from inside, they wouldn’t help to promote your designation. They will always try to let you down. They will guide you in wrong manners.

Everyone suffers from office politics. Office politics affected to our skills, knowledge, and work performance. We feel stress, fear to lose our job because of office politics and political environment.

office politics

You would have to accept the fact that office politics happen in every organization including colleagues, managers, and receptionists. They are all a part of your work culture and will have an impact on how much the politics affect you.

What is Office Politics?

Office politics or workplace politics are the strategies that people play to gain advantage personally at the expense of others. The term often has a negative atmosphere. Office politics is the process, behavior, and human interactions involving power and authority. Politicos use the power and authority to make some changes that would be beneficial for their selves.

Know The Ways: How To Tackle The Office Politics:

I thought it would happen with all of you guys. So, I want to share my experiences with you which really work. Now, you need to know that how to tackle the office politics.

  1. Be Honest Toward Work:

    Be honest toward work
    Firstly, You would have strong and honest on your part. You need to your work correctly and at the time, so that no one couldn’t get an opportunity to put any blame on you. Be honest on your hand and complete your work on time. “Remain positive, focus on your tasks and be a high performer. These things are what count in the end.”

  1. Play Positively:

    play positively
    You can win every person with love and respect. But, you don’t need to take the office politico’s actions personally. Show your coworkers respect, politeness, office etiquette, kindness, and encourage them to do the same.

  2. Keep Your Cool:

    cool attitude
    Be a cool man and believe in Karma. There is an idiom, “As you Sow, so shall you reap”. So, if you aren’t wrong, No need to be angry. Keep yourself calm. You shouldn’t feel any type of insecurity.

  1. Beware of Gossips:

    gossips in office
    While chattering and office gossips can be tantalizing; it can also be very cruel and stressful. Think of gossip as spam or junk mail and hit the “delete” button. You can say politely to stop the conversation and get back to work. Some people work to put the fire among the people. Be careful during a conversation about what you share because words spoken often get twisted as they circulate around. Think and speak. As a golden rule, “don’t speak openly in front of everyone.”

  1. Avoid Yourself In Particular Groups:

    avoid the particular group
    Take the time to understand everyone or any group in your organization – the real influencers aren’t always the ones in managerial positions. But don’t align yourself with any one group – maintain your integrity at all times.

  1. Speak Up Against If Wrong With You:

    speak up against wrong
    If someone is stealing credit for your work and complaining about your work, just speak up and say “don’t forget I was involved in that project”. You need to attempt the courage and speak out in that situation. It’s very important to show off your work. It has been a risky situation where you will lose your job. Just copy marks your senior or boss in every mail so that they would aware of your work and activity. This is the best way to tackle such type of politics.


So, Guys!! If you play positive politics with negative politico, you’ll never have to go into attack mode. You will always safe.

  • How will tackle politico?
  • Will you resign your job?
  • Will you complain to your boss or manager or resolve yourself?
  • What will you do If your manager were a politics player?

If you have any great answer, can you suggest us through a comment or message?
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