Merry Christmas 2018 – How To Celebrate Christmas?

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As we know Merry Christmas 2018 is here, and inspite of most of the Indians are Hindu, Christmas is celebrated all around the country will joy and love on this day.

Wish You A Merry Christmas 2018

Christmas celebration is worldwide celebration to mark the birth anniversary  of Lord Jesus on 25th December. Evergreen Trees were the symbol of eternal life. Red is a colour of Christmas that speaks of Christ’s blood and death.

1. Christmas Celebration:

Jesus Birth

On 25th of December, Jesus Christ was born to the Joseph (father) and Mary (mother) in the Bethlehem. Christians  worship their God, Jesus Christ. It is considered that Jesus (the Son of God) was sent to people on the earth to save their lives and protect them from their sins and sadness. Christmas is celebrated to remember the great works of the Jesus and give lots of love and respect. Wish you a Merry Christmas 2018!

2.Things People Do on Christmas:

Family-christmas celebration & Dinner

The churches are cleaned, white washed and decorated with lots of colourful light, sceneries, candles, flowers, and other decorative things. Everyone get together and enjoy this festival. People bring Christmas tree on this day and decorate it with electric lights, gifts,  balloons, colourful flowers, stars, balls etc. Wish you a Merry Christmas 2018!

Christmas Tree

Christmas tree looks very attractive and beautiful. People invite their friends, relatives and neighbours to join the celebration in front of the Christmas tree. People get together, dance, sing, distribute gifts, and enjoy eating delicious dinner.

3. Special Day For Children:

Christian religion people pray to the God. They confess in front of Jesus Christ about their sins and sufferings. They sing holy songs in the praise of their Lord Jesus and distribute Christmas gifts to their guests and children. Christmas greetings or other beautiful Christmas cards to the friends and relatives are exchanged.

gifts for children

Children wait for this day very eagerly as they get lots of gifts and chocolates. Christmas celebrate in the schools, colleges and offices on 24th of December. Students go to school wearing Santa dress and Christmas cap. Offices decorated with Christmas tree and lighting.

4. Holiday on This Day:

Christmas party

People enjoy this festival late night by dancing and singing in the party or in the malls and restaurants. This is a public and religious holiday.

Special Tip:


This Christmas be someone’ secret Santa and bring joy and love to that persons life.

Wishing You All A Merry Christmas 2018.!!!

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