Say Goodbye To Hair Loss With The Best Oil For Hair Growth

Since the time of ancient Ayurveda, different herbs, plant extracts and other essential oils were used to cater to a number of related issues in terms of hair care and the best oil for hair growth happens to be especially formulated with such certified premium components that are known to work wonders in terms of hair care.

Let the problem of hair loss find its cure in the all natural range of Ayurvedic oils. It is always an advantage to take your pick with the herbal hair oils that functions as the best stimulant for hair growth while treating the problem of hair fall in an absolutely organic manner.

Hair Growth Oil

The organic and best oil for hair growth comes with an array of advantages. Apart from stimulating hair growth, the essential goodness of the beneficial herbs leads to providing for the required all round nutrition and nourishment of the hairs and the scalp.

It also helps to do away with other related issues like dandruff, itchy scalp and even pre-mature greying of the hairs. Being completely free from any kind of dangerous chemicals, harsh metals or any other synthetic additives for the matter, the hair oil makes for a brilliant solution that can function as the all-in-one hair oil catering to the complete care of the tresses and scalp.

In addition, being of completely natural essence, the range of organic hair oils are suitable for application on all hair kinds and are free from any kind of side effects for the matter.

The range of Ayurvedic hair oils can be elucidated as under, take your pick with the one that is to work as the best oil for hair growth as per your individual requirements and needs:

Coconut Oil:

The extra virgin coconut oil comes with the natural aroma of coconut oil as in comparison to the other available coconut oil that is extracted through heat and has that latik odour.

This being solidified at lower temperatures is unbleached and unrefined which proves to be extremely advantageous as it doesn’t alter the essential nutrient value.

Coconut oil

This is a 100% pure and Organic product that is made from the best quality of coconut milk. This non-sticky oil happens to be a rich source of Vitamin E that forms an essential nutrient for hair care.

This amazing organic coconut oil for hair helps to strengthen and nourish the hairs and scalp. Its anti-fungal qualities render it an excellent natural remedy to fight dandruff.

Direction For Use:

To use this organic coconut oil for hair growth take 7-10 drops of the oil and massage it gently of the hairs and scalp.

Bhringraj Oil:

It is made of the twin benefits of herbs like bhringraj and brahmi that are known for their medicinal properties and also contains the goodness of other essential hair care oils like Sesame, Wheatgerm, Almond, Coconut, Lavender etc.

Bhringraj Oil

It helps avoid the premature greying of the hairs while keeping it darker for a longer time. The beneficial goodness of the herb adds to the hair health in an all round manner that helps stimulate hair growth and prevents hair loss in a no chemical way. It helps do away with baldness in addition.

Direction For Use:

Pour small quantities of oil on your palm (best if warmed). Apply the oil from scalp to the ends of the hair strands. Keep it for 30 minutes wrapped in a hot towel and rinse it off thoroughly with water.

Argan Oil:

Being derived from the Argan oil of Morocco, this excellent hair oil is infused with the enriched with several properties like Omega 3, anti-oxidants, Vitamins and proteins that are highly beneficial for healthy hair.

Moroccan Argan Oil

From doing away with frizzy hairs to that of stimulating hair growth to that of combating the pre-mature greying of the hairs, the Argan oil caters to it all. With shine boosting vitamins that it contains, this best oil for hair growth can get you healthier, softer and lustrous tresses of amazing shine.

Directions For Use:

Towel-dry your hair after proper cleaning. Apply 1-2 ml of the hair oil mid-length to ends. Apply a blow dryer or let it dry naturally.


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  1. Great article Kalpana and very much helpful. Now a days lot of women face hair loss problems and reasons for the same are stress, irregular eating habits, constant use of chemical products and a lot. A midst of all these many a times women tend not to take care of their hair and over all health. Would like to recommend few essential oils to stop hair loss such as Almond oil, Olive oil, Sesame oil, Lavender Oil, Aromatic oil

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