6 Ways To Control Your Mind And Emotions To Stay Happy

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Have you ever felt something out of anger that you regretted after that situation?

Yes, most of the time it happens. Nobody wants to get angry and want to control the emotions and mind but they can’t. You would think most of the time how to control your mind and emotions to stay happy. Most of you guys face such types of a problem because you know very well anger, stress, overthinking is not good for your health.

How To Control Your Mind And Emotions To Stay Happy

First one is that don’t try to control or change outside world. Stop thinking about another one. If you want to control or change something, control or change yourself. This is the best way to keep stress free and relax because by this decision your mind works for you, not for others and your mind clearly knows that how you can stay relax and happy.

Getting stress is our choice whether we want to take it or not. Yes, It’s true! There are many ways to keep control your thoughts and emotions. So, Guys! I am here to tell you how to control your mind and emotions. If you will implement these ways, you will definitely see a drastic change in yourself.

1. Meditation

meditationStart the meditation to keep control your mind and understand yourself. Meditation is the best way to control your mind and emotions. Meditation will work like a miracle to stay happy always. You can sit or lie down during meditation, take a deep breath and always keep your eyes closed to help you focus mentally/spiritually. Meditation helps to enhance the concentration power and feel relax.

2. Be Relax

Feeling-Relaxed      If are getting angry and taking the stress. Firstly, You need to relax. Drink water and feel relax. You’ll feel your mind is open and light. Relaxed mode helps to stop overthinking.  When our mind is calm, relax and open then innovative ideas will generate in your mind automatically. You will deal with problems very calmly and not get frustrated. Make a habit to keep your mind free and relax.

One thing I want to share with you that I experienced in my life. When we get angry or stressed, our mind stop the work in the right way. So, be relax. Your mind can’t control your emotions. You face can’t smile and you can’t think positive until keep relax.

3. Think Positive

It is very easy to say that think positive, but very difficult to implement in our life. Yes! you heard so many times, “Think Positive“, but how?

Haha!! Yes, we are addicted to taking the stress. Then, how can we control your mind?

Think Positive” means “Jo Hota Hai Acche Ke Liye Hota Hai”. Stop thinking that why it happened? That’s called an external factor which we can’t control. Then, “Feel Relax and Think Positive”. Now, we can do it.

So, What to do to think positive?

  • Make a daily routine to read a book either Motivational, Inspirational, Innovative ideas, Biographies etc.
  • Watch a Motivation video daily for half an hour instead of worst videos. You ‘ll feel that Law of Attraction works. Remember one thing motivation and positivity must come from inside…
  • Slightly press in the center of the palm with a thumb of the opposite hand and hold it for at least one minute. It will help you to relax and relieve from stress. Practice this technique and feel the difference.
  • Never expect others to do anything. This is the main reason to get stress and anger.

4. Smile

Keep SmileLet’s go ahead with a smile. When you think positive, smile enhance your beauty inside automatically. A Smile is the best way to make strong the relations. Make a habit to keep smiling always. When you start to keep smiling, you ‘ll feel you are happy from inside and when you start to live happy from inside, your mind automatically starts to keep relax and calm. A Smile is always the best solution of every problem. Even sometimes your smile can refresh other’s mind. Now, you can suggest to others how to control your mind and emotions.
If you want to keep smiling always you can learn from little children but if you don’t want, nobody can make keep happy, its all depends on you and only YOU.

5. Yoga

Yoga-To-control-mindEveryone knows how much yoga is important to keep healthy in a polluted environment. It promotes the level of relaxation of our mind. Many people begin practicing yoga as a way to cope with feelings of anxiety. Close your eyes and mouth. Inhale and exhale your breath for 15 to 20 times daily. It definitely works and you ‘ll feel the difference. You can implement yoga to keep calm and happy in your life. After a month, you will definitely tell others, how to control your mind and emotions.

6. Exercise

Exercise helps to keep your mind fit & healthy. Make a habit of exercise for 30 minutes. You can do Surya Namaskar Exercise to keep control your mind. Choose the best exercises according to your time. improve your capacity slowly.


Do whatever what you love, like listening to music, playing with pet, swimming, dance, talk with parents and grandparents. Play with children, eating chocolate and sweets, drink warm water by taking a sip, take a shower etc involve in your activities. After that, you ‘ll feel so much calm, relaxed and happy. It will definitely change your lifestyle, I guaranteed you.

If you have any suggestion and query, please give me your feedback through comments.

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